Masterpiece 800 Series Leaded Glass Windows

800 Series – refers to our elegant leaded glass panel with the inclusion of an “star-like” bevel cluster pattern, not available in previous series windows. The 400 series includes a beveled border on all models. The last 2 digits in the model number refer to the number of diamond clusters found in the leaded glass panel. The “E” in the model number refers to the number of “star-like” bevel cluster pattern(s) found in the leaded glass panel.

  • E1
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  • Available for every window location in the home.
  • Custom leaded glass panels with floral bevel pattern.
  • Features a beveled border.
  • Triple-pane leaded glass.
  • Your choice of glass types.
  • Low-E glass optional.

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Diamond Clusters

E1, 2 E1