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Masterpiece Leaded Windows offers an excellent Dealer/Distributor program for vinyl window companies who would like to add Masterpiece Windows to their product line. Masterpiece Leaded Windows gives the homeowner choice between privacy and view for any window location in the home. Our Waterglass, Glue Chip, Chord Glass and Vine Glass all have privacy properties that are excellent for areas such as bathrooms, sidelights, and other areas where privacy is preferred. In areas where the view is desirable, clear glass can be used. Masterpiece Leaded Windows increase the home value beyond the cost of the windows.

Masterpiece Leaded Windows triple-pane I.G. Units are an exact replacement for all 3/4” and 1” dual-pane I.G. Units. Our Billco Machines seal the leaded glass panel between two sheets of industry standard glass (Optional Low-E) using TruSeal Swiggle.


Masterpiece Leaded Windows is the pioneer and leader of the leaded glass industry. We have engineered our triple-pane windows, exceeding all Energy-Star requirements, to add elegance to the home, while providing year-round comfort. We provide our clients with the highest level of service, quality, and commitment.



  • Our facility is an 18,000-square-foot contemporary, upscale, major industrial manufacturing and showroom operation in Poway, California. We are the largest and most modern leaded glass operation on the West Coast.
  • By utilizing the latest advances in chemistry and assembly technologies, Masterpiece has the capability of fabricating an average of 1000 windows per day with flawless pefection. State-of-the-art equipment including Billco precision heat press, CNC contour glass cutting machines, EFCO tempering furnace, and digitizing tables all contribute to our dependability.
  • Where most leaded glass plants require a 2-month turnaround, we’re able to deliver in a mere 3 weeks or less.
  • Our Energy-Tech leaded glass windows are designed with high-performance glass (optional Low-E glass), and are available for every window in the home. Our triple-pane windows meet all original manufacturing standards and are an exact window replacement for 3/4″ and 1″ dual glazed units. We include tempered glass for any window location requring it by code.
  • We offer you and your buyers a warranty for all Energy-Tech triple-pane windows for 15 years. In the rare event a repair is needed, Masterpiece has a “no questions asked” replacement policy.
  • Our professional staff is comprised of experienced veterans in setting up homebuyers’ option programs for builders. They are smart, sophisticated, meticulous, and true professionals. Our service and product knowledge is second to none.



Our hassle-free, no middleman Options Program has made Masterpiece Leaded Windows the first choice with prominent builders throughout Southern California, who want to enhance the beauty of their model homes and offer their buyers an opportunity to create drama in their homes.