Mastering A Rich Tradition

Photo: Masterpiece Manufacturing Plant - Poway California


Centuries-old methods are complimented by technological advancements of today to create the finest leaded glass windows in the market.


Each day in our Poway, California, plant, a group of leaded glass craftsmen apply their unique skills to produce the highest quality of leaded glass windows in the market. The construction of leaded glass windows has always been a time-consuming process. By utilizing the latest advances in chemistry and assembly technologies, Masterpiece has the capability of fabricating an average of 1,000 windows per day with flawless pefection. Leaded lines are 5/32" and absolutely symmetrical. You will never see unsightly tape overlays or blurry fill-ins in a Masterpiece window. Where most leaded glass facilities require a three month turnaround, we are able to deliver in a mere three weeks or less - at a lesser cost.

Our facilitiy features state-of-the-art Billco machinery - a precision heat press that fuses the leaded glass window between to panes of glass, CNC contour glass cutting machines, a digitizing table and optimization software system. In addition, Masterpiece is the only facility on the West coast capable of tempering glass pieces as small as 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", and to temper glass from 1/8" up to 1" thickness. Our superior EFCO furnace produces perfectly tempered pieces without the marring that is typical of most tempering facilities.

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